S01E02: How to address the challenges of personalized education

KED Talk: A podcast series brought to you from Stockholm by Kunskapsskolan Education (KED). Reflecting and connecting educators of more than 100 schools that use the KED Program for personalized learning across Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, India, USA and the Middle East. Working around the globe to personalize each student’s education according to their individual needs and abilities. Empowering the students to master the challenges of today and shape the world of tomorrow.

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S01E02: How to address the challenges of personalized education

Self-regulating learners, Personalized education, and Kunskapsskolan Education, seem familiar. Both from the perspective of the student and the teacher. But is this really the case? Not all teachers have a clear definition of personalized learning. Or what tools can be used to support students to take more ownership of their learning, to be more self-regulating.

Recently, in a global UNESCO report, personalized education was labeled the best way forward for education and learning globally. But how to realize that? What is needed to make it work? What are the challenges? In this KED Talk we provide the answers by talking to two seasoned professionals. From London Pritpal Chandan, chemistry teacher and Director of Curriculum Development at Kunskapsskolan. And from Rotterdam Christa de Graauw, for many years the leading trainer & coach of teachers within Kunskapsskolan Netherlands.

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