KED Talk Podcast S01E06

A podcast series brought to you from Stockholm by Kunskapsskolan Education (KED). Reflecting and connecting educators of more than 100 schools that use the KED Program for personalized learning across Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, India, USA and the Middle East. Working around the globe to personalize each student’s education according to their individual needs and abilities. Empowering the students to master the challenges of today and shape the world of tomorrow.

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In this episode:

S01E06: The Kunskapsskolan International Network: exchange on a daily basis

Kunskapsskolan education is a global affair. With a vibrant community of professionals exchanging knowledge, experience and development on a daily basis. In this KED Talk we take a deep dive into this international network. How does it work, what does it take to develop, what added values are achieved. We explore this with two Kunskapsskolan specialists from Stockholm – Kenneth Nyman, Director International Operations of Kunskapsskolan, and Cecilia Aronsson, the KED Network Director – together with two Kunskapsskolan networkers. From India Ramanjit Khinda, Vice Principal Kunskapsskolan International, and from Sweden Lars Jonsson, Principal of Kunskapsskolan Västerås.

Het Kunskapsskolan Internationaal netwerk: uitwisseling op dagelijkse basis
Kunskapsskolan-onderwijs is een wereldwijde aangelegenheid. Met een levendige community van professionals die dagelijks kennis, ervaring en ontwikkelingen uitwisselen. In deze KED Talk duiken we diep in dit internationale netwerk. Hoe werkt het, wat is ervoor nodig om te ontwikkelen, welke toegevoegde waarden worden bereikt. We onderzoeken dit met twee Kunskapsskolan-specialisten uit Stockholm – Kenneth Nyman, Director International Operations van Kunskapsskolan, en Cecilia Aronsson, de KED Network Director – samen met twee Kunskapsskolan-netwerkers. Uit India Ramanjit Khinda, vice-principal Kunskapsskolan International, en uit Zweden Lars Jonsson, Principal van Kunskapsskolan Västerås.

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